Welcome To WORTHY: A Personal Guide For Healing Your Childhood Trauma


If you experienced chronic childhood trauma you learned to disconnect as a form of mental and emotional self-protection. Your limbic brain (the part wired for survival) signals fight, flight or freeze when it encounters a threat to safety. Since you did not have the option to run away (flight) or physically protect yourself (fight), your only option was to shut down (freeze) the wounded parts of yourself. These sequestered, wounded child parts are the origin of your inexplicable, emotionally charged triggers. What the subconscious chooses to suppress becomes an obstacle to clarity and peace within. 

Adults wrestling with the lingering effects of chronic childhood trauma often feel they are living on the periphery of life, happiness and, sometimes, even sanity. Struggling to comprehend how and why “normal” people function as they do, only increases their sadness, anger, frustration and confusion. They consistently experience varying degrees of being disconnected from those in their familial, social and professional circles; worst of all, they exist in an inescapable limbo where they are disconnected from themselves. They know something is awry, but they can never quite seem to identify exactly what that elusive something is. 

I know what It is  The Monster Under The Bed . I lived with It. I nearly didn’t survive It. But I did. My recovery journey from chronic childhood trauma was a wonderful, terrible, exhilerating, sometimes frightening journey. The most important thing to learn as you heal is that there is NOTHING inherently wrong with you. You can remove the effects of the trauma layer by layer until you arrive at your wise and loving True Self. Your greatest challenge in life is removing all the obstacles within you to self-love, self-acceptance and self-fulfillment. I promise you this though – it is possible! I know, because I did it and so can you. 

You can read excerpts from WORTHY: A Personal Guide For Healing Your Childhood Trauma (to be published early summer 2017) in my blog posts. Copyright ©2014 Josephine Faulk, MPH.


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4 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    This sounds like a valuable and welcome addition to a growing spectrum of support. Sadly too many people go through life not even knowing they are missing a chunk of their self hidden for survival in the deepest realm of their subconscious mind and physical body. I have 2 adopted daughters and a wife adopted at birth all trauma survivors. I now recognise my own childhood trauma and have made headway healing some of that by growing my self awareness at every opportunity. I quietly and lovingly try to nurture my family and, if and when they choose would love to have trauma therapy models that work! thank you.

    • Kevin thank you for sharing your experience and insight on this subject. Have you seen my blog post on EMDR? In my experience it is the most effective technique currently available for the treatment of trauma. It’s success rate is 98%. “The results of EMDR are that the emotional charge of your unresolved, original trauma, which has resided throughout your body and remained stored in your limbic brain since it occurred (decades ago for some of us) discharges its negative, draining energy. This happens layer by layer, session by session.” You can explore the rest of the post here http://josephinefaulk.com/2015/11/emdr-heals-childhood-trauma-for-millions/ EMDR restored my true self and the opportunity to live my life fully in the present. I extend my love to you and your family and wish you the determination to begin the long journey home to your true self.

  2. Kathy Lane says:

    I want your book when it is available. This is very interesting.

    • Thank you Kathy. Did you sign up( on the sidebar) to be notified when it is available? It will be out in early summer of this year. I am so happy to finally be able to share it in its entirety along with the accompanying workbook. It’s been a real labor of love.

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