Explosive Emotional Triggers Fade Away Using EFT

PCTD-header-no-words.jpgEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 
provides anyone, anywhere access to relief from emotional distress within a matter of minutes. EFT  has wide-spread professional acceptance as an evidence-based technique to treat phobias, anxiety, PTSD, depression and many more symptoms. EFT shares some key similarities with acupuncture and, hence, acupressure. Acupuncture, which has been practiced for over four thousand years to great effect, is based on the concept of qi (ch’i) which is natural energy moving freely through the body. The channels qi moves through are called meridians; at specific locations along these meridians are the specific points where the acupuncture needles are inserted to assist the body in clearing blockages of its natural energy. This allows the body to return to its natural state of well-being.

Our entire body functions via electrical signals that enable and control our every move, even our thoughts and emotions, including those unwelcome erratic, emotional triggers. Knowing that, the concept of ancient Chinese medicine and ch’i make perfect sense. If an electrical breaker switches off in your house, certain things are not going to function until someone resets the switch, restoring the flow of electricity. So it is with our bodies. It’s easy to see how chronic childhood trauma would leave us with numerous issues and instances of blockage throughout our body, affecting our ability to function smoothly.

The overarching principle of EFT is the Discovery Statement, which is:

             “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

It’s as if the remaining charges of our chronic childhood traumas are short circuiting our body, mind and, consequently, our emotions. As we continue to clear our emotional debris our clarity expands, we increasingly connect with our True Self and joyfully rediscover our inherent worth.

EFT will reduce any negative emotions you are experiencing including grief, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, nervousness, loneliness, rejection, feelings of inadequacy and many more. The first thing you need to do is identify the feeling. For some of us that can be a daunting task, as we are experts at not identifying our feelings. I suggest using the following technique until identifying your emotions becomes natural to you.

Think about what has you so upset and ask yourself some of the following questions, multiple times if necessary, until you get down to one or two distinct feelings. In the Appendix there is a list of feelings; it will prove very useful as you work to specifically identify the core feeling/s you are experiencing.

The questions are:

  • Do I feel angry? Anger is usually a secondary emotion, so identifying anger is only step one.
  • What did I feel just before I felt anger? Humiliation? Annoyed? Embarrassed? Disappointed? Scared? Betrayed? Jealous?
  • Do I feel sad? More specifically, do I feel: Rejected? Abandoned? Ashamed? Discouraged? Insignificant? Neglected? Lonely?
  • Am I scared? More specifically, do I feel: Anxious? Tense? Uncertain? Shocked? Confused? Afraid of loss or pain? Panicked?

There is a simple, one-page illustration of the EFT sequence on my  Resources  page for quick reference which you can tear out and place in your wallet for quick reference. You will need to first read the following for a full understanding of the process.

Now let’s run through a round of EFT with the feelings of embarrassed and feeling insignificant. The first step is called:

The Setup

  • Rate the intensity of your feeling/s on a scale of 0-10. We will continue doing rounds of EFT until the intensity is at the level of 0 or 1.
  • Slowly and firmly rub what is called the sore spots with your index and middle fingers. They are located in the hollow where the bottom of your collarbone meets your rib cage. Say the following phrase three times as you slowly and firmly rub the sore spots.

               “Even though I have this feeling of insignificance and embarrassment I deeply

               And completely accept myself.” (Insert whatever negative feelings you are                          experiencing)

The Sequence

The tapping process consists of tapping 5-7 times (the number doesn’t have to be exact) on each of the indicated meridian points. As you are tapping keep repeating the feelings, out loud if possible. For our example we would use “embarrassed and insignificant.” Of course you will be saying your own. The points you will be tapping are, in order of tapping:

  • Top/center of the head (use only one hand)
  • At the inner edge of the eyebrows (both hands, using your middle fingers)
  • The outside corner of your eyes (both hands, using your middle fingers)
  • Under your eyes, in the center (both hands, using your middle fingers)
  • Under your nose on the space between your nose and lips (use only one hand)
  • In the center of your chin (use only one hand)
  • At the hollow where your collarbones begin (both hands, using your middle fingers)
  • Under your left arm, where a bra strap would lie or level with a man’s nipple

Lastly- the hand tapping sequence:

  • Tap the thumb on the outside edge at the level of the base of the nail
  • Tap the index finger on the side nearest the thumb at the level of the base of the nail
  • Tap the middle finger on the side nearest the thumb at the level of the base of the nail

Skip the ring finger

  • Tap the little finger on the side nearest the thumb at the level of the base of the nail

After each round of EFT pause and rate the intensity of your emotion again. I’ve found two or three rounds is usually sufficient, you can do more if necessary. When you have the intensity down to a one or a zero, you will integrate your new feelings into both sides of your brain with the, rather silly looking, execution of The 9 Gamut. As follows:

Locate the Gamut point by placing your middle finger between the base of your little finger and your ring finger of your opposite hand (than what you tapped on), move it about one inch toward your wrist. You will be steadily tapping there as you do the following nine things, without moving your head.

  • Close your eyes
  • Open your eyes
  • Look down hard right (don’t move your head, remember?)
  • Look down hard left
  • Roll your eyes clockwise
  • Roll your eyes counterclockwise
  • Hum the first line of the Happy Birthday song
  • Count to five
  • Hum the first line of the Happy Birthday song again

There is a simple, one-page illustration of the EFT sequence on my  Resources  page for quick reference which you can tear out and place in your wallet for quick reference. Use this technique as often as you want between sessions. It is extremely helpful if you memorize the steps so they come easily when you are in a highly emotional state. EFT is relatively quick to learn and perform and is highly effective in a very short amount of time. You can do it almost anywhere, even if you have to find a public bathroom stall for a little privacy. I’ve done it at home, at my desk at work, at stoplights and once on the bus (possibly why I had the seat all to myself). This is a game changer; it can help you change your state when you have been triggered, before you go into a spiral. It returns the controls to you and restores right thinking.

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