Seven Easy Ways To Like Yourself More


In recovering from childhood trauma your overarching goal is to love yourself more each day. Show yourself that love by the things you do for yourself, by the way you nurture and care for yourself, by how you honor and protect yourself and how you talk to yourself about yourself. Once you are filled to the brim and spilling over love, you will naturally begin to turn your focus outward. For now turn the spotlight inward.

 Our emotionally charged triggers are our inner child crying out from itsunresolved pain. If we are to heal and integrate our inner child we must stop numbing ourselves, sit up and pay attention. We are the only ones who can now be a loving parent to ourself.

Self-care, self- acceptance and self-nurturing are how we give our inner child what they lacked in real time. We protect our inner child by setting firm boundaries, which they can count on us maintaining. We love our inner child by allowing ourself to have fun and provide many opportunities for creative expression.

Love is the healing power of the Universe. We came from Source and are an integral part of the Universe, with the power to both give and receive a limitless amount of love. Loving yourself is the key to your healing and living up to your full potential to give and receive love. Today give some tender loving to your own beleaguered soul. Be gentle with yourself

  1. Make a list of all your strengths. Put that list on your phone under Contacts. Read it often and choose one to – ponder how it shows up in your life, praise yourself for it and be grateful for that strength. 
  2. If you mess up, tell yourself, “It’s ok, I’m only human. I’ll do better next time.” Then take a few moments to consider how you would like to handle a similar challenge in the future. Now let go because you learned the lesson.
  3. Honor your own needs by learning to saying no if accepting a request would create a problem for you. It signals to your inner child that you are there to protect their best interest. Why People-Pleasing Is Such A Dangerous Endeavor
  4. Your feelings, needs and desires are important and deserve to be acknowledged and honored. It is your responsibility to teach others how to treat you. First you must model it for them.
  5. Love and honor yourself by taking time to explore the things that bring you joy and pleasure. Give yourself something to look forward to by setting aside time weekly for your chosen pursuit. Introduce small pleasures to your daily routine.
  6. It’s okay to do things just for yourself without having to justify it. If you have been in doormat mode this is going to be a surprising change to your inner circle.
  7. Silently say to yourself 15 times today, “I love you.” Check in with yourself at the end of the day and reflect on the effect it had on you. Maybe try it for a week. Your subconscious believes everything your mind tells it. Come back here and share your experience, if you like. Have a beautiful day. I love you.

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