Josephine Faulk, MPH is the author of WORTHY: A Personal Guide For Healing Your Childhood Trauma. 

Ms. Faulk holds a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with a research focus on childhood trauma recovery in adulthood. Her academic interest is fueled by her own childhood and the inexplicable adverse effects she experienced due to suppressed childhood trauma.  Her academic training, lifelong struggle with the repercussions of childhood trauma and subsequent recovery have coalesced in WORTHY: A Personal Guide For Healing Your Childhood Trauma (264 pp.) and its accompanying workbook (122 pp.).

Part I defines the  confusing effects of chronic childhood trauma in our lives. The behaviors we exhibit as adults, in order to suppress our childhood wounds, are shockingly similar. Discover why the lingering effects of childhood trauma is so often misdiagnosed and, hence, mismanaged. Part II contains the Childhood Trauma Recovery for Adults Program . Each chapter provides tools, techniques, knowledge, understanding, applicability and compassion to gently guide and encourage you along your healing journey and ensure your best possible recovery outcomes. Part III is the keystone to the Childhood Trauma Recovery for Adults Program. It is a solid plan for lifetime maintenance of your current stage of recovery and a springboard into further growth and clarification. Its purpose is to preserve, sustain and protect all present and future recovery progress.

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